Washington, Michigan

Why SOS?

Antiques SOS™ for Windows® provides numerous, very significant, features to help you run your mall business:

General Benefits

  • Saves time, energy and frustration associated with necessary mall paperwork
  • Extremely easy to use–Computer training and expertise are NOT required.
  • Provides the means to manage your sellers and the financial aspects of your business
  • The program is constantly being updated and enhanced.
  • Well supported by specific support staff ready to answer your questions about SOS
  • Highly customizable user interface
  • Time tested—Successfully running for nearly 30 years
  • Makes serving your customers, and your dealers too, easy and virtually flawless
  • Outstanding quality at a very fair price

Management Benefits

  • Flexibility – There’s no need to change the way you do business or the procedures you use because the built-in customizing routines provide exceptional flexibility.
  • Reports – The reports made available by SOS provide the information you need to operate your business.  You can choose among the available reports to select those that you need and will be useful to you without being buried in useless volumes of meaningless paper-wasting reports.
  • Deductions from Sales – You save time and aggravation because seller sales deductions can be automated.
  • Check Printing – You minimize the time you spend creating checks for sellers.
  • Clerk Performance – You can monitor clerk performance so you can determine when training is needed.
  • Staffing Levels – Appropriate staffing levels can easily be determined, saving you unneeded excess employee costs.
  • Identify High Performing Dealers – By identifying high performing sellers that attract highly qualified customers and other high performing sellers you can develop special performance reward plans for them. The net result is better sales performance and greater earnings for you.
  • Training Time – You spend significantly less time training and supervising clerks because SOS is so easy to learn.  Just read the screen.
  • Consignments – You make substantial extra money by accepting consignments.
  • Ease of Use and Error Trapping – You waste substantially less time dealing with improperly recorded sales and other input errors.
  • Pay Period Ending – Pay period endings are fast, clear and virtually error free.  Seller complaints are reduced because the payment reports are so clear and easy to understand.
  • Mail Box Messages – Your seller communications are better and easier because you can direct messages to them.
  • Special Sale Discounts – Seller special sale discounts can be set up in SOS and taken automatically for a specified period of time.
  • Fixed Deductions – Fixed deductions for things such as advertising fees and security fees can be set up and automatically taken.
  • Gift Certificates – The entire process of writing and managing gift certificates is automated, providing a new and significant revenue stream for you.
  • Sales Incentive Bonus – To reward excellent seller performance sales incentive bonuses can be developed and automated.  This encourages sellers to bring in more and better merchandise, which makes more in commissions for you.

Financial Benefits

  • Rent Management – You get the benefit of better rent income control and cash flow projections from using the Rent Management module.
  • Sales Activity – It’s really important to see which sellers are generating the most sales and, therefore, your commission earnings.  You can help to duplicate success by observing how your sellers generate sales.
  • Seller Payouts – Save tremendous amounts of your time and energy in calculating and creating seller payouts.
  • Commissions – You save even more time by automatically calculating the commission money due to you on a seller-by-seller basis.  All are calculated according to the commission structure and rules that you pre-select.
  • Taxes – Quickly, easily and accurately calculates taxes due according to information you place in the customizing section.  This includes sales taxes, general sales taxes, resort fees, and special taxes and fees.
  • Seller Sales Review – The ability to review seller sales encourages them to bring in more merchandise to replace that which was sold, thus increasing their and your revenue stream.
  • Tax Audits – More and more sales tax audits are being conducted by revenue strapped states. Our products help to keep you records in superb order thus making the audit process simple and painless.  We have users who have survived such audits completely unscathed because their records have been so accurate.
  • Federal Form 1099 – Some antique malls issue Form 1099s at their accountant’s request.  1099s are accurate and easily created.

Customer Benefits

  • Serve your buyers by making sales transactions easy and fast. Then print clear and understandable receipts.
  • Identify Best Customers – By identifying your best customers you will find ways to encourage and reward them for shopping at your antique mall thus increasing your mall’s sales and, therefore, your revenue.
  • Customer “Wants” Lists – Customer wants lists allow you to provide what they want and are looking for thus increasing your antique mall’s sales which keeps your sellers and you happy.
  • Customer Opt-In Email Lists – These lists make it possible to quickly, easily and cheaply reach potential customers when you have something to sell or tell to them.
  • Unlimited Pending Sales – The pending sales feature encourages customers to keep shopping and to buy more because it speeds final checkout.

Dealer Benefits

  • Pay your dealers on time and providing detailed, easy to understand payout reports.
  • Enhance dealer service by providing the ability to review their sales right in their inbox by emailing individual information for dealers with the press of a button in SOS.

Security Benefits

  • You can protect critical information and processes from public exposure or non-authorized intrusion.  This is made possible through the extensive use of function level passwords.
  • Audit Trails – Theft and data manipulation can easily be detected by virtue of an extensive system of audit trails within SOS.  Information entered into the software cannot be altered without leaving detectable evidence of the change.


Discover why Antiques SOS™ for Windows® is the top choice among professional mall owners and managers. Call toll free 888-527-2643 today for more information and a free working demo package. Trust your business to SOS!