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Antiques SOS™ for Windows® has been saving time and money in antique and craft malls, large and small, for nearly 30 years. The Lite version was created with medium sized malls in mind.

This product is easy to use and includes the following highly useful features:

  • No limit on the number of dealers you have in your shop
  • Retail Sales and Wholesale Sales entries have unique SOS features like automatic capitalization of customer names and addresses, optional automatic capitalization of item descriptions, and a user defined pick list of commonly used descriptions.
  • Retail sales may record customer names on file for a mailing list or they may use a generic “CASH SALE” or “RETAIL SALE” for customer name (accessible by a single keystroke).
  • The name, address and resale number of wholesale buyers are always recorded and are available on file for easy lookup when the buyer revisits the mall. All wholesale invoices include a short (customizable) paragraph stating merchandise is being bought for resale, along with a signature line for the buyer to sign.
  • Pending Sales are sales where a large amount of merchandise can be entered into the computer in batches to facilitate rapid checkout.
  • Layaway Sales – hold deposits and payments in escrow or pay out to your dealers as they occur.
  • Shipped Sales provides for the circumstances where merchandise is sold  to be shipped out of state and shipping charges collected
  • Management Security Levels allows management to set up to four security levels for many tasks. An optional Shop Commission may be charged on some or all dealers’ sales (this allows you to have dealers who are charged a commission fee instead of rent or rent and commission)
  • Optional Credit Card Fee (percent) deduction from dealers’ credit card sales
  • Returns, Voids, Reprints or Corrections of Invoices
  • Dealer Lookups of recent sales activity, with an option to print a list of items sold. The lookup process can optionally display a message on screen if that dealer owes you rent
  • Inventory for 1 tag ID
  • Spreadsheet views of the daily, recent or history sales file, customer or dealer file, layaway files, the shop’s daily sales log, and several other files.
  • Sales Lookups by booth, stock number, date, description, price and/or clerk initials to find missing items or to see what’s been sold, with results on screen or printed
  • Special Adjustments (to add or deduct money) on dealer payout reports and checks
  • Automation of dealer payout
  • Dealer Sales by Month or Year-to-Date in order by sales volume or dealer ID
  • Shop Sales Reports by week, month, year or any date range, showing retail and wholesale sales totals, sales tax, etc., with optional weekly subtotals.
  • Day of Week Sales Report showing the high/low/average sales by day of the week
  • By Price Report showing percentage of items sold in price ranges over any dates
  • Password Protection for management functions and optionally for dealer lookups
  • Optional Messages on Sales Invoices (1-3 lines) and Dealer Payouts (1-6 lines)
  • Screen Colors depend upon your Windows® color choice
  • Dealer Mailbox Notes which let you put notes in each dealer’s “mailbox” without resorting to sticky notes.  If the dealer does not retrieve his notes, they are printed on the dealer’s payout report.
  • Reminders File permits management to have staff reminders and special messages to pop up as SOS is started on designated dates you choose (useful to remind yourself of advertising or tax remittance deadlines)
  • Dealer Special Sales Discounts may be set up on a dealer by dealer basis with a defined time period for the sale
  • Best Prices File is a means of maintaining a record of dealer’s “best prices” on selected merchandise and making that information available to the clerk
  • Dealer Popup Notes are dealer notes which “pop-up” when the dealer asks for information about recent sales or when they access the “information station”.  If not cleared by the dealer, these notes print on the dealer’s payout sheets.

Differences between Lite and Basic or Premium for Windows®

  • Unlimited number of dealers, compared to the Basic’s 29 tag IDs
  • Lite can be installed on up to 3 networked computers, compared to the Basic’s 1 and Premium’s 10 networked computers
  • Pending Sales IS included in the Lite
  • Approval Sales not included, as it is in the Premium
  • Check Printing not included, as it is in the Premium
  • Rent Management module is not included, as it is in the Premium
  • Inventory for 1 tag ID, but available for upgrade
  • Gift Certificates not included, as it is in the Premium

Please refer to the Antiques SOS product family features comparison chart features comparison chart for details.


Begins at $795

Features that can be added a la carte:

  • Approval Sales: +$95
  • Check Printing (from SOS or exportable to QuickBooks Pro Desktop): +$100
  • Rent Management: +$295
  • Itemized Inventory: +$295
  • Gift Certificates: +$95

Upgrading Eligibility

The price paid for Lite is applicable any time in the future to an upgrade to the Premium. This offers a no-risk option to expand and grow to the point where you need either advanced version of Antiques SOS.


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