Washington, Michigan



“White Light has proven to be responsive to our needs and assisted diligently with any problem resolution. I would definitely recommend Antiques SOS because of its reliability, cost of the product and first class support.”
Antique Store Owner, Berkeley, GA
“I would highly recommend SOS to anyone, for many reasons: its ease of use, the management information it provides, the support provided if questions arise, and the manner in which that support is given. I cannot overstate the high quality of SOS and all of its attributes. It’s just awesome!”
Craft Mall Manager, Asheville, NC
“I would definitely recommend SOS to any size store. Our store is 3 stories with approximately 30 dealers. The system recalls all the information that I want or need super quick. One great plus to this system is that it allows us to send emails and daily sales to our dealers at the end of the day. They are happy to know what was sold, how much, and whether it was by check, cash, or credit. They knew just what they needed to bring in to fill the holes in their booths. I would be lost without my SOS system. It’s a godsend.”
Antique Mall Owner, Pentwater, MI
“It is a great product and I always recommend SOS to anyone expressing an interest. I especially like the sales tax report, saves me lots of time – just hit a couple of keys and it prints out. There are many helpful reports you can run.”
Antique Market Owner, Lyndonville, VT
“LOVE this software!!! Best by far!”
Antique Mall Manager, Dothan, AL
“This is a great program! Makes my life so much easier! Couldn’t do my job without it!”
Mall Owner, Fairfield, TX
“We have other antique owners come into the shop and I have recommended SOS. This program works very well for us!”
Antique Mall Manager, Winter Park, FL
“Our store is Silverhillsantiques.com. Our biggest concern was that we would always have a line for the cash register for the checkout. When we first opened I put up 2 cash registers. One cash register was for checks and cash, the other for the SOS checkouts with cash, credit cards, and checks. Very much to our surprise we never used the cash and check register. SOS was more than fast enough to handle everything quickly and correctly. Wow!! What a time saver. We check out about 1,000 people a day in our busy times, and we have never had to switch to another register for help.”
Antique Mall Owner, Pentwater, MI

Ease of Use

“I have been most pleased with the ease of use, the information accessible through reports, and the support received, especially when first using the program. There are many different reports that are helpful to management that can be produced quickly and that are easy to understand and compare with prior months and years.”
Boutique Manager, Atlanta, GA
“Our store is Silverhillsantiques.com. We tried several POS programs before we purchased SOS. It was the easiest program to use. It did all that I wanted it to do, point of sale, credit the various dealers accounts at each sale, and more information that I can count! It will tell me how much a dealer has been credited for the pay period with 2 key strokes. I can go back and look at past sales by price, item name, or dealer number. This by far is hands down the best financial program for your store. It prints out the 1099 Misc information onto the Fed Gov’t forms for taxes at the end of the year.”
Mall Owner, Pentwater, MI
“We have used the Antiques SOS software in our antique mall for over 12 years. Antiques SOS has proven to be a very simple system to use and easy to train associates to use. Over the years we have upgraded from the original DOS version to the Windows version, along with updates to the software, and also upgraded hardware three times with no interruption in business.”
Gallery Owner, Berkeley, GA


“My experience with assistance from the SOS support staff has been awesome. Not only is the staff knowledgeable and professional, they have a great deal of patience! Even dumb questions are answered with the greatest respect for those of us who sometimes have a little problem “getting” things! I like the fact an item can be found from prior months by use of a description of one or two words. I also love many other features that the program offers, like sending weekly sales to each vendor via email. Vendors especially like getting that information.”
Interior Design Gallery Owner, Stamford, CT
“It is so very nice to have someone on the other end of the phone and you return calls in a timely manner. When we started this program I did a lot of calling and my questions were always answered and Nicole always had a lot of patience. I also love the wonderful manual! I read the manual and started the program it is very easy to use and I still use it if something new comes up I want to explore! “
Flea Mall Manager, Memphis, TN
“I always want to hug Nicole when we’re done with our support session!”
Antique Gallery Owner, Clarks Run, IL
” We have had to use the customer support in the past. Nicole and staff have been Johnny on the spot. I was afraid that SOS would not be open on the weekends and after hours. Much to my surprise, after I left an email about my problem or called in on their help line, I received the answer to my problem by email or a phone call. This is top shelf service. They not are only willing to help but they care about the customer and helping them get things worked out. “
Antique Mall Owner, Pentwater, MI
“Nicole, Lynn, and Rick do a great job. Can’t thank them enough for their dedication to an excellent product and superior service!”
Gift Shop Manager, Acworth, GA

Converting from Mallease Falcon Software

“Mallease highly recommended White Light Computing (SOS) to us because it was similar to Mallease. They were correct, but we have found that WLC is much better than Mallease and more user friendly. I am especially pleased with the manual and with the support received in our “honeymoon” period! For those of us who are in our senior years and a little computer challenged, the support has been heaven-sent.”
Antique Mall Manager, Selma, NC
“The conversion program from Mallease to SOS was very well done, making the transition very easy, even for those of us who are a little “challenged”! I don’t think it could have been any better. No information was lost, and I began entering new information immediately the first day our conversion was completed as if we had always been on SOS.”
Consignment Store Owner, Colorado Springs, CO
“We went with SOS because the people from Mallease suggested SOS.When we looked at other programs, it looked like the best for our use.”
Antique Mall Manager, Winter Park, FL