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Mallease Falcon

Mallease Falcon is no longer in business as of January 1st, 2015. You have been directed to this site as the former owners hoped to provide their customer base with a program that would do the same tasks as Mallease and be supported for many years to come. SOS staff does not support Mallease software. However, we are happy to ease your transition into a more modern, robust, and supported SOS system. Customers have trusted and relied on SOS over the last 29 years. SOS runs in over 900 stores across the USA, Canada, and Australia. Recommending our software to other mall owners is the highest compliment our software and support staff can receive, and many Mallease Falcon to SOS converters have done just that!

Have you had some issues with your program recently? Are you concerned that your Mallease program is just not supported? Looking to transition to a new POS software? Ease your worry and join the SOS family! We believe running a business on well supported, improving software is in your business’s long-term interest. We are here to help make that happen for you by providing guidance and support to make this transition go as smooth as possible. We provide useful tools to ensure your success with our product:

  • A Mallease to SOS conversion program: Customer, Seller (dealers and consignors), and Clerk (employee) data
  • User manual (hard copy and electronic copy available)
  • Technical support available via phone, email, fax

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