Washington, Michigan

Merchant Processing

Does SOS require a specific credit card processing company?

No. SOS was designed to work independently of any specific credit card processor to allow users the freedom of selection. As a result of the high volume of perspective and current SOS users inquiring about a quality, reliable and competitive merchant services company, White Light Computing has teamed up with Payscape as a preferred partner! To be clear, SOS does NOT require Payscape to be used. Any credit card processor can be utilized.

Contact White Light Computing to learn more about the SOS-Payscape Partnership


Payscape’s Mission

Payscape’s mission is to provide world-class financial technology to businesses of all sizes. They want to make it simple for business owners like you to collect money from your customers. In order to do that you need options to fit any need. That’s where Payscape thrives – they stay on top of the technology and payment industry trends so you don’t have to.

Quality Hardware

Innovative payments solutions provide the flexibility to securely accept credit, debit, and all other forms of electronic payment on a variety of terminals.


Preferred Partner Rates

Payscape is a solutions-based Financial Technology provider designed competitive rate to meet your company needs and sales volumes.


Superior Service

Setup and billing is simple. You will have your own portal into Payscape so you can review transactions and payments too. Payscape offers no nonsense support. One call can answer all your questions!


 It is not just fellow SOS customers who think Payscape is great for their business!